squeeze your brain ( I39er Mokhik )

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Product Information

- squeeze your brain ( I39er Mokhik )

- Think get excited more ! Think about how much public information you have about food, pop songs, websites, etc.

- You will see that it is easy to answer questions, but it is difficult to answer them quickly, who knows that you can hunt for the answer quickly! Take care, your turn can come at any time!

- You will live in an interesting and enjoyable atmosphere, especially when you try to answer questions quickly. Pay attention when you try to answer the questions, you will find that they are easy, especially if the question is about the Joti brand, but it is difficult to answer them quickly and be under pressure.

- Laws of the game

What do you mean squeeze your brain?

It means when you turn to the answer or try to remember it as soon as possible, it is true that this thing will cause you confusion, but at the same time you will feel the fun and comfort of the players: from three (3) to six (6) players. (from 10 years old and above) (Refer to the rules of the game for three (3) players). Paper: There are two sets of paper in the box, each set contains 92 sheets (of 8 symbols) and 8 joker cards.

- Objective: You must win the most number of cards after you face the opponent. Game time: The game takes approximately 30 minutes per round and to give the game a little excitement, play two rounds.

Roles: Your turn can come at any time and anyone can be your opponent!