Monopoly Junior - Hasbro

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Product Information

This classic Monopoly game has been around for over 75 years now, yet the concept is the same, simple game we know and love
Take the thrill or join the rollercoaster ride to success and fame
Your kids can be a part of this classic tale with the Hasbro Monopoly Junior Refresh (Arabic Version), which is a quick and fun version of the original game
The set includes 4 junior tokens, 20 chance cards, 48 sold signs, 90 bank notes, 3 character cards and 1 die
Children can also buy some of the coolest properties such as, pet stores, candy stores and video game arcades
The rules have been simplified to engage kids and keep them entertained; only single dollar bills are used for simple transactions
Teach kids to count money and redefine the feeling of ownership as you progress through the game, enhancing their cognitive and motor skills along the way
This board game is the Arabic version of Hasbro Monopoly Junior Refresh